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Government Relations

We have experience in legislative and administrative matters in every level of government – federal, state, county, and municipal.

The Cavanagh Law Firm, P.A., attorneys have decades of experience working in or representing federal, state, county, and municipal branches of government. We seek cost-effective solutions to avoid litigation and achieve client objectives in providing guidance through appropriate governmental processes.

Representative Matters

  • Our attorneys drafted and lobbied to enact landmark legislation to reduce the cost and risk of employment litigation for Arizona businesses and their insurers. The Arizona Employment Protection Act codified that employment is at will, precludes wrongful termination claims based on verbal statements, limits wrongful termination in breach of public policy tort claims to claims arising out of statutes, and makes statutory remedies exclusive.
  • The firm’s attorneys obtained the only industry-wide variance for an OSHA standard in Arizona during the past 30 years. This allowed time to lead industry training programs to adopt and implement alternative ways to achieve safety that would not hamstring construction industry operations and productivity.
  • The firm’s lawyers have testified before the Arizona Legislature dozens of times and have worked to achieve enactment of new laws to protect companies that use drug and alcohol testing, that provide reference information, and to enable injunctions against disgruntled ex-employees who harass or threaten a business or its employees.
  • One of the firm’s lawyers was the only private law firm attorney in the nation selected to testify at the federal government’s hearings on the proposed OSHA ergonomics standard.
  • We have represented countless businesses in administrative proceedings before federal, state, and local agencies.