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Benefits of using mediation for your high-profile divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Family Law

Divorce is difficult for anyone who goes through it. It is tough on the couple, the children, the family and even friends. The court has lengthy and strict procedures that everyone must follow, no matter who they are, which includes filing motions, briefs, evidence and other information that becomes, in most cases, public information.

Anyone can access these records, which can be a problem for certain couples who would rather keep their information private. Mediation is ideal in these scenarios because it is confidential. So long as the parties are willing to act in good faith and collaborate, they are more likely to have a more positive outcome via mediation than through the court system.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that involves a neutral third party. This mediator facilitates a conversation between the parties to reach an agreement that benefits both parties. It is also a great option because the parties retain control over their assets and the negotiation process. In contrast, if they go through the court system, they are putting their future in the hands of others.

Other benefits of mediation include:

  1. Mediation is private and almost anything can be dealt with in mediation, from the division of assets to child custody and visitation.
  2. Mediation is not binding unless the parties agree and want that agreement to be binding. Unlike arbitration, the mediator does not make decisions for the parties but instead helps them communicate, identify their interests and negotiate in a helpful, constructive way.
  3. Mediation is less costly and less time-consuming than going through the court system. While it may take a few days to settle everything in mediation, that is a minimal period of time compared to how long it would take to litigate a divorce.
  4. Mediation is non-adversarial and supports the parties in maintaining, at the very least, a civil relationship. If they have children, this is especially important.

While the parties must still file with the court to make the divorce official, it differs from how it is managed if litigated.

There are many ways of dissolving a marriage, and mediation is ideal for couples looking for a private, confidential and swift process that allows them to make private decisions for themselves.